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We provide the next generation of smart lighting network using Li-Fi technology.

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Order through a reseller, directly from Oledcomm or online for non-registered customers.

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A range of IT certification, training, and testing programs to meet the needs of IT professionals and employees

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You have questions about Li-Fi technology, thanks to consult this page. Not enough ? Send us an email.

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The emergence of digital light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs opens up an array of new functionalities for smart lightings. This will result in the lighting system becoming part of the “internet of everything”, making LiFi an integral part of total solutions at the home, the building and the city level.

LiFi: It’s an opportunity not to be missed

Make new revenues from your lighting network

LiFi – or optical WiFi – consists of using the lighting networks as wireless communication networks. OLEDCOMM sells products based on LiFi technology, contributing hence to reduce the radio electromagnetic wave pollution. From your Led lighting device, you will be able : to send data, to listen music, to look at videos and even to connect to Internet.
  • No radio wave

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Free of regulated licences

  • 100% Mobile tested

  • Green technology

  • Compatible with all smartphones

  • new sources of revenue

  • Do not miss this disruptive technology

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Best & Most Popular of Our Solutions

With LiFi, we bring you not only lighting but a world of new innovative services. Your lighting network becomes a true wireless data communication networks enabling you to access to services like pathfinding and navigation, local-based advertising etc. All our products are designed and manufactured in France. OLEDCOMM works with partners to provide you with high quality products and services.

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One cannot be top of the line in all tasks.
To imagine and develop new products with R&D 90%
To develop innovative mobile apps for your business 75%
To provide after sales services (our objective : to reach 80%) 60%
To ask us the impossible 45%
We are working with highly qualified Lighting companies to provide you LiFi-ReadyTM LED based lighting solutions. With our trademark LiFi-ReadyTM and in partnership with ligthing companies, we guarantee you high quality and LiFi compatible lighting solutions.

With Play Apps, we provide a framework and tool-kit for contributors to access, customize, and exploit Li-Fi technology for innovative mobile application. Readily available software frameworks such as a software development kit (SDK), and an application programming interface (API) are available as product platforms. Hence you can provide new services to your customers and create new revenues for your company.

If you want a customized LiFi solutions. LiFi LAB is for you. Our research department will design and develop all the solutions you need. At the heart of our success are our Engineers who focus on the customer’s needs and provide individually customized solutions. Through a Joint Development Agreement, we build the LiFi solutions that fits to your demand.

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