Green wireless mobile communication

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LiFi Technology

LiFi is a new way to establish wireless communication links using the Led lighting networks. The LiFi protocols are defined by the international standard IEEE 802.15 established since 2011 by the IEEE comity. This is the same comity that has defined previously the Ethernet 802.3 and WiFi 802.11 standards. For numerous specialists, LiFi is a major breakthrough technology for the mobile Internet community and for the connected objects domain.

After more than 4 years of scientific research at the University of Versailles, OLEDCOMM is the first European company that start to commercialize LiFi communication solutions a worldwide level.

When the lighting networks become wireless communication networks

The world of Lighting companies experiences a true revolution with the development of Led lighting devices. With reduced energy consumption and a longer liftime, Leds appear as a solution that cannot be overlooked to face up to the challenge of the CO2 emission reduction at the worldwide scale. The sale of Leds Lighting units knows an impressive increase these last years.

Ten times higher data rates compared to WiFi

Leds are different from the other kinds of lamps because they are semiconductors. This characteristic gives them the capability to switch-on and off within few nanoseconds or billionth of a second. Converted in terms of data rates, this corresponds to 1 Gbits/s. In order to compare, at best WiFi can reach 100 Mbits/s data rates and so 10 times lower.

Worldwide Economic and Green Impact

Thanks to the LiFi technology, the 14 billion lamps in the world will become gradually green mobile internet masts that will permit to respond to the impressive increasing demand of mobile conectivity. Also, this will allow reducing the electromagnetic pollution generated by the numerous radio wave solutions developed until now.

Some key numbers of the Led market

  • 14 billion of new lamps each years.
  • 25 billion Euros of turnover in 2011.
  • 25% of CAGR only for the EU Led market.
@ Frost and Sullivan

LED Revolution

Two technological revolutions

The revolution of the Leds known by the world of lighting comes with a second unexpected revolution: Light becomes a vector of wireless communications. All data (files, music, videos…) are only series of ordered ‘0’ and ‘1’. This is the era of Digital world. To transmit data, you only have to transmit series of ‘0’ and ‘1’ from one point to the other one. Hence, by combining ‘0’ to a state where the Led light is switch off and a '1' to a state where the Led light is switch on, by switching on and off the light according the series you can send information all around you by the lighting networks.

However, in order that this twinkling was insensitive for human eyes and also in order to send a large quantity of data, it is necessary to have a very low switch-time. This was impossible before the development of Led lighting devices.

LiFi Training

You would like to know more about LiFi technology...

Follow our training on LiFi

In an economic world where Innovation is a strategic tool for the competiveness of the companies, the training of engineers and project managers on new technologies becomes a ‘must to have’ parameter.

OLEDCOMM, European leader of the LiFi technology, offers a large panel of training courses on LiFi technology from ‘initiation’ to ‘Specialization’.

Ask for details.