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With GEOLiFi, you have a high efficiency dimmable LED driver combined to an Indoor Positioning System thanks to a LiFi broadcast data system.
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With LiFiNET, you combine a high efficiency dimable LED driver with a bidirectionnal LiFi communication for people and IoT.

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With our GEOLiFi

Use your LED lighting network as an highly accurate Indoor Positioning System


We power the IoT with the simplest communication solutions, the lighting network using our LiFiNET

Indoor Location Based Services with GEOLiFi

promo-img-big With our GEOLiFi, your LED lightings become a true Indoor Positioning System or IPS. An IPS is a system to locate objects or people inside a building. Based an the indoor map, it allows to create Location Based Services like: mobile marketing via digital place-based media that communicates with consumers on the move, Shoppers can locate objects with ease, and also call for service when needed, person purchasing a printer can be guided to ink cartridges available at a discounted rate, physical tracking of a customer inside a store yields useful information on behavior, Storage, stock-keeping and retrieval of stock keeping units become easier.

Unlimited bandwidth for connecting people and IoT with LiFiNET

promo-img-bigOur LiFiNET allows a highly secure and private bidirectional communication for the Internet of Things (IoT). According to McKinsey Institute, the IoT could generate $11 trillion in value globally in 2025. The number of connected devices is expected to increase to 20 percent annually over the next few years, reaching 30 billion by 2020. High energy consumption and leak of connectivity are the major obstacles with regards to unleashing the potential of the Internet of Things. This is why we designed our LiFiNET focusing on energy efficiency. They allows you to build connected devices able to last years on a standard battery.

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We are a provider of smart LiFi LED routers combined with a Software Development Kit.

Lighting manufacturer or Sotfware developper.

We are looking for establishing close partnerships with lighting companies.

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