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We are looking for a researcher !

Want to join the Li-Fi adventure ? We have an Early Stage Researcher under H2020 MSCA-ITN Project “VisIoN” position for you ! For further information, please click below.

Oledcomm recruits researcher
Title: High-Rate Full-Duplex VLC Transmission for Medical Applications

Job Description: Design of high data rate full-duplex transmission links between an AP and a WBAN (i.e., extra-WBAN links); development of efficient PHY-layer techniques and protocols.

Expected Results: Proposing transmission schemes for full-duplex high-rate extra-WBAN communication links; experimental verification of the proposed methods.

Planned secondment: Close collaboration and regular visits to Ecole Centrale de Marseille (ECM) where the ESR will enrol for the doctoral degree. Four month visit at Instituto de Telecomunicações ITAV (Aveiro, Portugal), for carrying out component integration testing and system design feasibility.